Vogue Ginny Dolls

In 1951, Ginny was officially born, named after Jennie Grave's daughter Virginia. Ginny was so popular that many tried to emulate her, and an entire group of 8" dolls appeared on the market in the 1950's. Today, the Ginny dolls of the 50's are considered highly collectible and desirable.

Since the 1950's Ginny has gone through many transformations. In 1995 Ginny was reunited with The Vogue Doll Company name. The NEW Vogue Doll Company pledged to restore Ginny to her deserved place in the modern doll era, and honor her rich tradition, begun in 1922 by Jennie Graves.

Vintage Design Ginny
Inspired by the fantastic dolls in Ginny history, Vogue Doll Co. presented 14 new designs in 2004, as lovely & sweet as the originals.  Each year more designs were added of this extremely popular "retro-revival" doll!  Unfortunately, the Vogue Doll Company is no longer in production and so, these wonderful Ginny dolls are now more precious and rare to come by.  Below, you will find a limited number of these hard to come by vintage reproduction Ginny dolls, as well as custom-dressed Ginnys that are one-of-a-kind and sure to bring you enjoyment. 

Modern Ginny
Though my personal interest is with vintage Ginnys of the 1950s and vintage reproduction Ginnys, every now and then I come across a Modern Ginny doll that is a limited edition or rare doll that I feel should be added to my website.  Whether you collect vintage Ginnys (see my Vintage Dolls page), Vintage Reproductions or Modern Ginny, I hope you find that special doll to warm your heart.