1961-62 Alexander-kin International Series "Spanish"

1961-62 Alexander-kin International Series "Spanish"
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From the first Madame Alexander International Series is this nice example of the Madame Alexander-kin "Spanish" doll c.1961, either catalog 395 or 495. She is tagged and labeled "Spanish" vs. the later years when the doll was labeled "Spanish Girl."

As a child my grandmother started my collection of International dolls and I was told these dolls  were intended for "looking only, not touching!" ;) So, this wonderful example is from my personal collection, which has been stored for over 50 years in a box and still looks minty to this day! 

She is marked ALEX on her back. She is a BKW and her walker works, though I have not forced her knees to bend. She has dark brunette hair styled in a fancy pulled-back bun, with a black lace mantilla (scarf) attached to a comb headband called a peineta and decorated with a single red rose.

Her tagged costume features a satin layered red dress with black lace trim and a shawl trimmed with fringe. Her jewelry includes brass hoop earrings and red and green beads.  Under her dress is a satin petticoat, bloomers, stockings and black fuzzy boots. 

For being 50+ years old, she is almost like-new, fresh and ready to display, except for a few wrinkles from having been stored in a box for years. She will come with her early white hand tag correctly marked "Spanish" and a stand.

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