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Pretty 10.5 Cosmopolitan Miss Ginger marked on the back of her head ''GINGER''. Miss Ginger has honey blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail tied with an aqua ribbon and high bangs.  She has vibrant cheeks and blue eyes that open and close easily. Her body is clean, but her head is a little loose (as is common for these dolls), but still holds a pose. Miss Ginger is wearing a factory-made vintage satin brocade dress with a blue floral pattern, in a drop waist style, with a white satin shawl collar and two white buttons on the back. Under her dress she wears white nylon panties, back-seam stockings, and white vintage sandals. Her earrings are replaced to prevent the spread of green ear, which is just barely visible.  Overall, a lovely vintage Miss Ginger.  *Ginger stand is not included. 



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