10" Miss Ginger Doll+ Extras

10" Miss Ginger Doll+ Extras
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10" Cosmopolitan Miss Ginger doll wearing 1957 Outfit #2883 - crisp, tagged black and white striped dress with lace edging, black belt, lace edging and attached off-white taffeta slip. Tag is crisp and perfect. Under her dress, Ginger wears off-white matching taffeta panties, new replaced nylons, and vintage white sandals. She is marked "Ginger" on the back of her head, has dark brunette hair in a ponytail, sleep eyes (one lazy as is common), nicely painted finger and toe nails, tight arms, and a pretty face with lightly blushed cheeks, red lips and hazel eyes. 
FLAWS: Two issues are a slightly loose waist (though still can hold a pose), a small pin dot stain on her palm, and a tiny dot of green by each ear hole. Her original earrings had tarnished, so I replaced them with new pearl earrings.  
EXTRAS: Ginger comes with an additional outfit; a tagged pink and blue floral peignior two-piece set w/ flower bouquet and white vintage sandals.  Also included are a vintage black and white "Premiere" necklace and earring set still in the package!  Click the link below to see a large view of this doll and extras.