The Doll Shelf

Here are a few of my favorite reference books for small vintage dolls. Most can be purchased through your local bookstore or online through or Barnes & Nobel.

Small Dolls of the 40’s & 50’s – Identification & Value Guide
By: Carol J. Stover
This is my TOP PICK for collectors looking for a comprehensive book about the hard plastic small dolls of the 40’s and 50’s. Full of wonderful color photos and descriptions of the wide variety of dolls available with listings alphabetically by company from A to Z. Also includes a great section on comparisons of the “look alike” dolls. A must have!

Collector’s Encyclopedia of VOGUE DOLLS – Identification & Values
By: Judith Izen and Carol Stover
An excellent comprehensive reference on the many dolls produced by the Vogue Doll Company from it’s beginning to present. Includes the history of the company and a large section dedicated to Ginny. P.S. Check out page 14…my parents are in the bottom photo!

hi! I’m Ginny
By: Cynthia Gaskell
A great little book featuring wonderful color photos of Ginny dolls with descriptions from the 1940’s to 1960’s in staged settings - simply delightful!

The Ginny Doll Encyclopedia -Revised Edition© 2004
by Sue Nettleingham Roberts & Dorothy Bunker
This is a wonderful reference guide to Ginny dolls with over 350+ full-color photographs, chronicling the history of Ginny dolls from 1940's to today.

The Muffie Puzzle Almost Solved!
By Lillian Roth and Heather Browning Maciak
This is a must have for any Muffie collector! Lillian Roth is a co-author and distributor of this third edition reference book that includes many colorful photos, detailed descriptions and  identification comparisons. To order, email Lillian Roth:

Encyclopedia of Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls - Volume 2
By Elaine M. Pardee
An excellent reference book with contributions from many other doll experts including Lillian Roth.  The book includes full color pictures of the bisque storybook dolls, Muffie dolls, Style Show dolls, and the matching wardrobes of Muffie and Debbie, and Lori-Ann.

Madame Alexander Dolls – An American Legend
By: Stephanie Finnegan and Lia Sargent
A gorgeous book that shares the history of the Madame Alexander Doll Company, with full color pages chronicling these beautiful dolls from the earliest days to present.

The World of Alexander-kins
By: Patricia Smith
A favorite reference for vintage Madame Alexander-kins, filled with colored photos. Copyright date is 1985 and unfortunately out of print.  Copies in good condition still can e found on eBay and sites like Ruby Lane. 

Cissette: A Complete Guide to the Vintage Alexander Dolls
By: Marjorie E. Merod, M.D.
A wonderful new book, published in celebration of Cissette's fiftieth anniversary, is devoted to the Alexander Doll Company's 10-inch doll. Longtime collector and expert Marjorie Merod has photographed her renowned collection of mint vintage dolls and accessories to match the photos in the Alexander Doll Company's original brochures and catalogs that introduced the doll during each year of her production, from 1957-1963.

The Official Price Guide to Dolls (Paperback)
By: Denise Van Patten
A guide to antique, vintage, and modern dolls. Denise Van Patten is a long-time collector of dolls and a dealer of modern, vintage and antique dolls and the Guide to Doll Collecting at She provides a practical and unique guide covering antique dolls (1800–1925) vintage dolls (1925–1980), and modern dolls (1980 to the present).