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RARE Vintage Late Strung Muffie is simply adorable, but in need of restringing. She is documented on p. 209 in Lillian Vernon's "The Muffie Puzzle ~ Almost Solved" as similar to the ealry 1953 strung dolls, except she is unmarked on her back and has two slits on the inside at the top of her head indicating that the head was originally intended for a walking doll. She has a soft tosca colored wig with lots of curls and brown eyes with gray lashes and brows. She has the documented narrower, smaller body with the "v" above the crease in her bottom. Her arms are the same as the earlier dolls, but the legs are different, with creases below the knee and two dimples behing the knee (so cute!). Lillian goes onto to describe this charming late strung doll with her head tilting slightly to the side (almost in a shy fashion) due to the way she is strung and the way the torso fits together. I love the fact that she has such a rich and mysterious history and Lillian Vernon describes her as "exceptionally beautiful!" She will need restringing as you can see from the pictures, but otherwise this darling Muffie is in wonderful condition! I'm including the outfit she came in, which may be one of the later Muffie budget dresses, but not sure. The dress is made of a waffle/seersucker print material with Muffie "heart" lace around the skirt and bodice. It closes in back with a painted key snap and has the diagonal cut at the hemline seam. Also included are the white socks and unmarked white shoes and a new blue hairbow (no panties). See the picture that shows her dressed and before her stringing gave out. *Click on the link below to see a large view of this doll.



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