Vt20 Vintage Miss Revlon "Kissing Pink"

Vt20 Vintage Miss Revlon "Kissing Pink"
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Pretty Vt. 20" Miss Revlon doll with thick honey blond hair in the original set, still retaining curl. Beautiful facial coloring with full dark red lips, vibrant cheek blush, big blue green eyes, delicately painted lower lashes and dark feathered eye brows. She wears her original double pearl drop earrings with no green discoloration and a vintage pearl necklace. Her body is marked with the IDEAL VT 20 and she retains all of her red finger and toe nail polish. Her vinyl body is in excellent condition with minor scratches on her back and two mentionable flaws: although her joints move easily and hold a pose...her right leg is loose at the socket and swings more freely. She also has a square blue stamp-like stain/mark, approximately half inch in size under her left armpit...not noticeable when her arms are down or she's dressed as it's underneath the arm.

She comes wearing her original Kissing Pink pink and white stripe cotton party dress with bow at the neckline and rhinestone accents is in clean, nice condition with the exception of needing a small stitch or two at the waist around the last snap. The dress still retains its original ribbon sash that reads, Revlon Doll Ideal, on the left side. She has her original petticoat (elastic could use replacing as the stitching has come undone, though still retains stretch), panties and black elastic high heel shoes (elastic is stretched). I'll also include a pair of new stockings and a reproduction copy of the original wrist booklet. *Note: props not included.  *Click on the link below to see a large view collage of this pretty Miss Revlon.